I’m a software architect and developer. I enjoy building awesome software with awesome people, and making the world a better place while doing it. I love learning, and I enjoy solving tough problems.

I have worked in many areas of development, in everything from small startups to large established businesses. I am currently operating my own company Pragmatic Potato Software where I help teams design and build software.

I have worked in all parts of the software stack, but I have the most experience in the back end. I am opinionated about coding practices, server architectures, data modeling, infrastructure, and dev/ops automation. I am passionate about efficient development processes, understanding user needs, and creating user experiences that feel natural and enjoyable.

One of the greatest parts of this profession is learning how different industries work from behind the curtain. I have had the pleasure of working in environmental science, video games, building automation, and the medical industry to name a few.

I live in Burnaby BC with my wife, son, and two cats. When I’m not playing video games, I might be reading a book or sipping tea on the balcony. In the warmer part of the year, you can also find me trying to grow weeds poorly in our community garden plot.

It’s important to me that working is fun and rewarding for everyone. I work with teams that are respectful, inclusive, and have sustainable practices.

You can find me around the internet: